How To Launch a Successful Fundraising Campaign


Story telling

Crowdfunding is all about stories. Your audience will connect with your story if it is succinct and compelling. The way to achieve this is to share an honest and moving description of the cause you are collecting for. First, outline the difficulties around the cause and then move onto how donations will help to change these difficulties into a positive solution. Usually individuals will not donate if they do not connect with your story. Try to refrain from long essay type descriptions as this will exhaust the donor and actually prevent them from donating. 

Video Script 

Be sure to brain-storm a video script/story board. You want to transfer your message from pen and paper straight onto video. Look at what message you want to get across to your future donors. 

Shoot your video 

Once you have a script then move onto shooting your video as most potential donors will connect more to a video rather than to a lengthy written description. Videos have a much greater impact and will capture the donor instantly. Make sure the video is not stretched out and repetitive. You will need a beginning, core and impact. Why? How? What positive impact will your campaign have? The best videos are about 2 minutes long.

Product photos 

Presentation is essential. Taking the time to find professional photographers is completely worthwhile but very expensive. You can search online for freelance photographers who can provide you with photos that tell your story but at a reasonable price. You can also get free stock images from @freepik or @unsplash

Connect with a charity

Connecting to a charity is not crucial but is highly recommended. Working with a non-profit organisation or charity adds value to your campaign. This will boost donor confidence and they will be more likely to back a campaign that is carried out by a charity. Charities are trusted and regulated, so the donor can donate without any doubt or suspicion. 

Crunch your numbers 

It is essential that you start your campaign with a realistic target. Most donors land on your web page and look at the amount you are aiming to collect; this instantly has an impact on their decision to donate. Begin with a small amount and as your campaign progresses, gradually increase the target amount.

Reach out  

Market and reach out to your local news outlets such as newspapers. Connect with your local community. The first people that will support you are family and friends so approach them. Social media is a hub to connect with potential donors so publicise your campaign online.  Most donations are made via social media.

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