New Community Hub to be a Beacon of Light for Manchester

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The Myriad Foundation has been making waves since 2013 with their ongoing projects and charitable services in Greater Manchester.  With their substantial work, they have worked tirelessly to make changes to many lives and continue to make a remarkable impact on our communities.  

The well established organisation work towards bettering the community and empowering those in need. With Islam as their navigator, the elements of goodness and sincerity are palpable in their projects. From their ‘Soup N Smiles’, their mobile soup kitchen based in central Manchester to their ‘Feed a Friend’ network, supporting people in crisis, the operations of this prodigious charity shines bright as a beacon fortifying the community with their endless ventures. 

The Myriad Foundation are connected to a range of charitable organisations and work with people from all backgrounds and stories.  The organisation continue to execute ideas and cannot be praised enough for their endless efforts.

They also have a hugely successful nationwide initiative called Taste Ramadan. Although it hasn’t been running for two years (due to Covid), it is one of their flagship projects where over 200 mosques take part in a synchronised Iftar.  It engages people of other faiths or none to experience and ‘taste’ Ramadan. 

But the Myriad Foundation needs your help.

They need to raise £250,000 to achieve their total of £325,000 to redevelop the space they have been granted.  The ongoing efforts of the Myriad team is invaluable as they will continue to cause rippling effects in the community of Manchester by feeding the homeless, running food banks, visiting care homes and hospitals, teaching tech to the elderly as well as running new Muslim classes for converts.

This newly assigned building will be Myriad’s new home for the next 30 years, therefore it is absolutely necessary for you to get involved so they can continue to reach out to 2.5 million people. 

Chair of the Myriad Foundation, Ali Mahmood, commented on the donation drive,

“Myriad Foundation have spent over 7 years working tirelessly to roll out dozens of projects across both Manchester and nationally. From our new Community Hub which will be open to people of all faiths and none –  with  your  generous  support  and the unwavering commitment of our volunteers –  we will make our services even bigger and better.”

With only a few days left of Ramadhan, we need to get 2500 people to give £100 then the project would be fulfilled. So, reach deep into your pockets and give whatever you can and think about the future of your communities, the future of our families and the future of where your donation can take you. 

Spend these last days of Ramadhan contributing towards this outstanding cause. 

Spread the word, think about the difference Myriad Foundation can make to Manchester. 

Support Myriad Foundation. Give Now!

Want to fundraise for The Myriad Foundation’s Community Hub? Join our team today or if you have a fundraising idea, get in touch on –

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