£1m and counting…

Foysol Al Kaatib

Al Kaatib has been unstoppable. An expert  fundraiser who has now managed to raise a phenomenal £1 million through GiveBrite! Yes, you heard right! 

The Award Winning International Renowned Calligraphist didn’t begin small either.  With running 5k a day for 5 months, raising money during the pandemic and travelling across the world to the poorest people, Al Kaatib was fervently fundraising for those in need. 

And it was all worth it. After 20 months he has raised £1 million with the help of his supporters for the orphans and needy around the world. 

The donations have reached the poor and needy across the world; Yemen, Syria, Gaza, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Feeding thousands of people, providing them with tents, houses and medical care. 

Much of his work with GRT also includes building deep water wells and hand pumps providing fresh water for those who have no access to clean water. 

His achievement is even more remarkable as he has hand delivered many of these donations himself and ensured that the neediest have really benefited from the donations made by his supporters.

But he’s not stopping there. His fundraising continues and he is still pushing to raise money for his campaigns. With his unfaltering determination and the support of his donors, he’s ready for the next journey. 

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