15 Days until Ramadhan Lockdown 2.0

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15 Days until Ramadhan Lockdown 2.0

Yes, you read that right.  Another Ramadhan with Covid 19. Yet, we have seen the country come together to unite and witness communities flourish as the waves of the World Wide Pandemic washed over us with apprehension and uncertainty. However, people have been giving more than ever, and that was evident from Ramadhan 2020, where we managed to raise an unbelievable £1.6m! So, how will this Ramadhan be different?

What we’ve been up to?

Well, it’s been a busy year for the Give Brite team, who have been working endlessly to make donating even simpler! We’re revamping Give Brite into an easier, more powerful platform that will support and facilitate charities and the everyday user to allow charity-giving and fundraising to be hassle free. 

So with Ramadhan fast approaching, many charities are gearing up to make each day of Ramadhan count.  That’s where we step in – Give Brite, the global online social platform for giving and fundraising for amazing causes.  The platform isn’t just about charity; it’s about making a difference. So that’s why the Give Brite Team have been setting the stage to present a new and exciting feature – The Fundraisers Network. An innovative, fresh outlook on how charities can hire the services of influencers and freelance fundraisers.  In this space, charities will be able to message via our dashboard and communicate with fundraisers.  Both fundraisers and donors alike will be able to create profiles showcasing goals and achievements as well as follow each other’s journey.  So if you are a charity raring to go and keen to get ahead of the game, register now!

Plans for Ramadhan

Ramadhan Giving, our automated giving platform, has also been redesigned with a new and sleek user interface so you can automate your donations with a few simple clicks allowing you to cherish the days of Ramadhan and concentrate on getting closer to Allah (swt).  Ramadhan Giving allows you to allocate charity daily so that you can reap the rewards of the 30 blessed days, or you might decide to devote your charity to the last ten nights of Ramadhan – so you will never miss Laylatul Qadr. Whatever you decide, we are there to help make the process easier, so if you want to explore the different charities and causes, simply click here for more information.

One More Thing…

We will also be launching ‘Share my Sadaqah’, a new way of giving the gift of Sadaqah for your loved ones.  It’s thoughtful, personalised and rewarding for this life and the Hereafter.  In a few simple steps you can select a charity for your loved one, select a cause that’s dear to you and then share it with your chosen person for any occasion of your choice.  You could even give it an extra special touch by adding an additional gift…it’s the gift that keeps on giving to celebrate the gift of Sadaqah.  Keep your eyes and ears open for this new development.  Share my Sadaqah, launching soon. Want to get notified when we go live? Visit sharemysadaqah.com

Remember Give Brite is here to support awesome charities.

So, if you want support or fundraise for a charity, visit givebrite.com

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