Over £250k raised and he’s not stopping there!

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Al Kaatib is famous for his stunning pieces of calligraphy and has been designing work for well known sport stars and celebrities. However his talent doesn’t stop there as he also has the art of raising money for charity. This trailblazer has been campaigning for the poor and needy and has raised over £250k!  Foysol Al Kaatib has managed to raise a staggering amount of money over the past 5 months with GRT, but would you believe that number is still increasing!

The initial campaign started off with the calligrapher challenging himself to run 5k a day for 5 months, raising money for orphans and needy across the world. This unstoppable hero has also ran barefoot through the freezing cold snow to experience what the poor endure during the harsh months of winter. His Instagram page showcases his experience as well as many other adventures he has withstood since his venture began. 

This charity campaigner seems determined to keep raising funds and asking for support as his journey with raising money for the poor continues. His aim was to feed at least 1000 families in Yemen, Syria, Gaza, Pakistan, Rohingya and Bangladesh for a whole month!  That’s just a mere £50 that will feed a family Iftar and Suhoor for 30 days!

His challenge has inspired many to donate towards this amazing cause, subhan’Allah.

This time he will be personally delivering aid to the Syrian border and ensuring that the money donated is going towards the needy and poor of Syria and Palestine.  He is currently in Lebanon, close to the border where many refugee camps are placed.  Many of these refugees are lacking in essential day to day items and are in need of provisions that will help them live.  Al Kaatib and his team have been working tirelessly with his team for the past 5 days to ensure that they make a difference to many lives this Ramadhan. 

This is the perfect opportunity for us to donate towards such a noble cause, especially during this blessed month.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said ‘Whoever gives Iftar to one who is fasting, they will have a reward like it without it being decreased in the slightest bit.’


Join him on his journey and support him however you can. 

Make the most of these last 10 days of Ramadhan and donate to those in need with Ramadhan Giving.

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