313K Oldham to London


The ‘Running Man’ is doing it again – but this time he’s running from Oldham to London in Ramadhan. That’s 313km in 23 days whilst fasting.

How did it start?

Afruz Miah has been non stop running since the first lockdown.  After a visit to the doctor made him realise he needed to make drastic changes to his lifestyle, he took to the streets and ran. 

Campaigning from one charity to another, he was then recruited by GRT, Global Relief Trust, and his journey as a fundraiser began. Afruz Miah has raised money for many causes but this is by far his biggest challenge yet. The GReaT 313 Run ‘Race against Poverty’ is raising money for 8 countries to support the poor and needy especially in the month of Ramadan. Your donations whether it is Zakat, Sadaqah or Lillah will help people globally around the world contributing towards various projects such as Ramadhan food parcels, water projects, medical aid, other self sustaining projects as well as building community hubs and homes. To make things even more interesting, GRT are looking for 313 people to donate £313 each. But any donation, big or small is helpful. Your donations can make a difference.

But why 313?

What makes this run poignant is that it relates back to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and the first time the Muslims had to withstand their enemy after they had migrated from Makkah to Madina. It’s a monumental moment in history which saw witness to the Quraish outnumbering the Muslims in the Battle of Badr. 

313 took part. 

313 succeeded in Ramadhan.

Subhan’Allah. It can’t get more provoking than that. 

Get involved

Afruz Miah has been an inspiration to the community, spurring young and old to run alongside him.  Whether it was for fitness, mental health or even raising awareness, people have wholeheartedly joined in.  

He will be running at an estimation of 15km per day and touching base in different locations from Oldham to London

Unfortunately due to the Covid situation there can only be a maximum of 5 people running with him but supporters can virtually join in.  His Facebook is currently flooding him with all the support but we can always do more. Donate to the noble cause and contribute as much as you can to help Afruz Miah reach his target. 

Good Luck to ‘The Running Man’

Automate your donations to catch Laylatul Qadr with GRT.

Support Afruz Miah’s 313k run now!

Fundraise for a cause this Ramadhan with givebrite.com

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