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Guarantee yourself endless blessings

“The gates of Paradise are opened and none of its gates are closed. A caller announces: O seeker of good, come near! O seeker of evil, stop short! Allah will save them from the Hellfire and that is during every night of Ramadan.” 

At Tirmidhi

Ramadhan is slowly slipping away and we are approaching the last ten precious nights of this month, Subhan’Allah. 

Laylatul Qadr or The Night of Power, is an opportunity for Muslims to secure blessings and abundant reward, as Allah has stated in the Qur’an, it is a night ‘better than a thousand months’. It is the night when the holy Qur’an was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the cave Hira where he used to reflect and ponder the meaning of life. The angels descend upon mankind on this night of power and deliver their salaams to those who are participating in acts of worship. 

What a wonderful night of opportunity, blessings and prosperity. We cannot let this night of fortuity pass us by. 

How can I make the most of this month? 

Since every minute and second of this night is invaluable, we need to exert ourselves, so we can reap all the rewards and make them weigh heavy on our scales. 

  • Remember Allah often, make dhikr and make your tongue frequent with tasbeeh
  • Istighfar (repentance) is also important as it is can help you get rid of sins and envelop you in Allah’s mercy 
  • Recite Qur’an as the reward for reciting just one letter is bounteous 
  • Give in the way of Allah, as the rewards of doing anything good is multiplied 

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) would exert himself the most by devoting himself to these final nights, revering each night as if it was his last Ramadhan.

So let’s break this down. This actually means anything performed on this night is multiplied by a thousand months. 

1 second of worship = more than 23 hours of worship 

1 minute of worship = more than 58 days of worship 

1 hour of worship = 9.8 years of worship 

Donating £1 = £30,000 on Laylatul Qadr

This means…

£10 = £300,000

£100 = £3,000,000

Yes exactly that. All on Laylatul Qadr. 

So are you ready to make the most of this auspicious time? 

Let’s guarantee that night by automating your donations to a worthy cause or to a favourite charity. 

Laylatul Qadr will fall on the last ten nights so by using Ramadhan Giving, the automated donation platform, we can guarantee ourselves the last ten nights or odd nights. Wouldn’t it be great knowing that while you are fasting you are guaranteed in giving sadaqah every single day and securing the opportunity to catch the night of all nights – Laylatul Qadr!

Giving just got easier

Ramadhan Giving allows you to donate to over 100 different charities. It also allows you to give to 6 different charities in one go, so that way you are helping many people in need. 

Setting up only takes minutes and we’ve made things even easier. Since a smile on your face is an act of charity – we had an idea. No more rummaging in your bag or emptying your pockets to look for your debit card, simply give with FaceID (…and your smile) – quick and effortless with Apple Pay.

Pay with a smile (literally).

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