Foysol Al Kaatib Al Kaatib has been unstoppable. An expert  fundraiser who has now managed to raise a phenomenal £1 million through GiveBrite! Yes, you heard right!  The Award Winning International Renowned Calligraphist didn’t begin small either.  With running 5k a day for 5 months, raising money during the pandemic and travelling across the world...
Afruz Miah is making moves!  The Running Man will be completing an incredible 8 day campaign where he will be running a half marathon in a city near you. Afruz Miah is hoping to help raise funds for 8 different countries across the world as part of the Global Relief Trust Winter Campaign.  What’s the...
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The easiest way to give your Qurbani in 3 simple steps. Dhul Hijjah is nearly here!  Dhul Hijjah is a blessed time for Ummah to reap rewards, ask for forgiveness, and supplicate to Allah.  It’s the only month when Hajj can be performed, when Eid is celebrated and Qurbani is offered. The Prophet (saw) said...
The Myriad Foundation has been making waves since 2013 with their ongoing projects and charitable services in Greater Manchester.  With their substantial work, they have worked tirelessly to make changes to many lives and continue to make a remarkable impact on our communities.   The well established organisation work towards bettering the community and empowering those...
Al Kaatib is famous for his stunning pieces of calligraphy and has been designing work for well known sport stars and celebrities. However his talent doesn’t stop there as he also has the art of raising money for charity. This trailblazer has been campaigning for the poor and needy and has raised over £250k!  Foysol...
The ‘Running Man’ is doing it again – but this time he’s running from Oldham to London in Ramadhan. That’s 313km in 23 days whilst fasting. How did it start? Afruz Miah has been non stop running since the first lockdown.  After a visit to the doctor made him realise he needed to make drastic...
Rohingya Fire
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URGENT APPEAL DONATE NOW On 22nd March 2021, Rohingya refugees witnessed their homes burn to the ground as a fire blazed through the refugee camps of Balukhali in Rohingya destroying more than 10,000 shelters with the numbers still increasing.  This tragedy has caused the death of 15 lives and lead serious injury to 560 refugees...
The recent explosion in Beirut which is the capital city of Lebanon, has killed more than 200 people and injured more than 6000.  There are more than a hundred missing so far. These figures are subject to change as there are many people still trapped under wreckage. Beirut has been devastated by the explosion which...

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